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Q)How do I place an order? 
A) Browse our website http://www.azhartrading.com to see which products you are interested in, we have hundreds of products available!. When you are ready to add an item By Click the Add to Basket Button, decide how many units of the item you want,   If you wish to buy more than one items, then you can visit our site and add as much items as you can. All list will be shown in the Inquiry Basket page and then Click Submit button, and that list will be get on our e mail box. Then we will contact you for more details about that.
 First Step:- Visit our website and make a list of your required or interesting items which you wish to buy from our company, and send to us along with Item Ref. number and required quantities.
Second Step:- Upon receipt of your request/Order, then we will calculate the Shipping cost according to your choice (By Air, By Sea,By Post office & By Courier), and then A Performa Invoice will be issued to you. Shipment can be "prepaid freight C&F" or "freight collect F.O.B" according to your instruction. Shipment being sent by prepaid, freight will have the charges added to the Performa invoice.

Thired Step:- You can buy from our online stores, If any of your required items not showing in our store, then please contact us, so that we can list your required items to our store for you.
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Q)How much is shipping and by what method is merchandise shipped? 
A)Shipping charges will calculate in the  based on a Total Weight of the item.
BY Sea:-              Arrival in 30-45-days.
By Air:-                Arrival in 10-15-days.
By Post office:- .   Arrival in 14-21-days.
By DHL/FEDEX:-   Arrival in 05-07-days. 

Q)Do you have a showroom when I can pick up? 
A)No, not at this time

Q)How long does shipping take? 
A)Irrespective of the volume of our customers orders, we consign the stock items within 10-15 days, and the non-stock items within 21-45 days from the date of receipt of confirmed orders and finalized payment. 

QAny Minimum Order Requirement?
A) No Minimum Order Requirement.
Q) Is all currencies shown in the website?
A) You can covert the US Dollars to your currency by using the Currency converter as shown in the  left hand side in our website. We usually use US Dollars Currency, but we can make Invoice with Euros or other International Currency according to your requirements.

Q) Is there any volume discount available.?
A) Yes,Volume discounts available on(On F.O.B Value of shipment):
-$10,00.00 - $20,000.00   order >  3%    discount on all regular priced items.

Q) What is acceptable Payment Terms:-
A) For new clients, our payment terms is advance remittance. However, we change the payment term to CAD or to credit period after having successfully done our business with the new clients for at least one year. All export shipments are subject to be in U.S. Dollars OR Euros. 
a) Payment By Bank Wire Transfer (Swift)
b) Payment By Western Union (http://www.westernunion.com)
c) Payment By:- Credit Cards  

Q) Do you make Custom Packing according to our requirements?
A) Yes, we can make Custom Packing.

Q) Do you make custom Items?
A) Yes, we can make any items according to your requirements. 

Q) Do you stamp our logo or stamp in the products?
A) Yes, we do We stamp/Logo our products as per client requirements and as decided during the ordering process.

Q) Is sample available?
A) Samples can be provided upon payment of samples and shipping cost. If the buyer has a courier account number, we can use this to send samples.

Q) If any items damaged from our shipment, then what we do?
A) You immediately inform us the items reference number along with damaged quantities, so that we   can send you these replacement free of cost along with your new shipment.

Q) Is any refund available for any damaged items?
A) No Refund available. We can send you replacement of any other items free of cost.

Q) Do you offer Door Ship Service?
A) Yes, we offer Door ship Service.

Q) Do you sell Licensed/Trademarked Items?
A) No, we did not sell Licensed/Trademarked items.


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