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    Collectible Knives >> Hammered Forged Knives >> Viking Forged Boning Chef Knives

    Viking Forged Boning Chef Knives
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    Viking Forged Boning Chef Knives
    Art No : HMS0022
    Price : Upon Request

    Viking Forged Boning Chef Knives
    Length:      275 mm
    Blade length: 150mm
    Blade width:  52 mm
    Thickness:      4mm
    Blade Material:  High Carbon Stainless Steel
    Handle Material: High Quality Natural Rosewood
    Blade Hardness   Scale: 55 - 57 HRC
    This knife's curved blade makes separating meat from the bone a breeze.
    Perfect for trimming brisket, skinning or breaking down a whole chicken,
    or even separating ribs from loin.
    These knives feature an ergonomic handle design that makes them super
    easy and comfortable to use. They are also very well balanced allowing for
    superior control and stability when cutting. This minimizes the risk of
    accidents when using them.

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