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    Azhar Trading Co
    Azhar Trading & Co. has been a manufacturer and Exporter of many types of knives, and swords from pocket knives to medieval swords,Battle Ready Carbon Steel Swords. We have been providing products useful to craftsmen, sportsmen, and hobbyists since 2003. We sell wholesale prices to retailers and distributors for resale only.

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    Best Online Shop for Games Swords,Fantasy Knives,kingdom hearts keys,Helmets,Shields.

    Company Information:  AZHAR TRADING CO:-- is one of the leading Manufacturers and Exporters of the finest quality of Collectibles Products, Hunting Knives,Pocket Knives,Swords, Battle Ready Carbon Steel Swords,Decorative Shields, Helmets,Axes, Handmade Instruments, Fishing Instruments, Scissors, Pliers, Tweezers, and many more,  based in Sialkot, Pakistan Since 2002.Our products usefull to Craftsmen,sportsmen and hobbyiest.

    Our Mission: To become the preferred provider of quality products for customer’s satisfaction.

    Availability: All our products are made of stainless steel and all custom designs and OEM productions are also available as per customer’s requirement.

    Markets: We have been exporting our products At Worldwide including USA, Australia, Canada, Middle East, UK, SCHENGEN Stats.

    Note: We are not dealing any Licensed/Trademarked items.


          We are consistently producing new products, so kindly check our website often for getting up to date with new produced

     You must 18 years or over to purchase metal blades, swords/knives.

     We are your one stop source for all your Collectibles and Cutlery Products Need.

     We hope you enjoy the website.


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