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    Azhar Trading & Co. has been a manufacturer and Exporter of many types of knives, and swords from pocket knives to medieval swords,Battle Ready Carbon Steel Swords. We have been providing products useful to craftsmen, sportsmen, and hobbyists since 2003. We sell wholesale prices to retailers and distributors for resale only.

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    Collectible Swords >> Ceremonial Military Swords >> True Master Sword Skyward

    True Master Sword Skyward
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    True Master Sword Skyward
    Art No : 82012
    Price : Upon Request

    The Legend of Zelda-Skyward Sword-True Master Sword
    Sword Lengths: Approx. 44.25" (Dark Purple), 43.75" (Light Purple)
    Blade Lengths: Approx. 31" (Dark Purple), 30" (Light Purple)
    Blade Material: Stainless Carbon Steel Alloy
    Blade Sharpness: Factory Sharp, Can Be Honed to a Razor Edge
    Handles: Approx. 9.75 Inches Long (W/ Pommel), Aluminum Alloy
    Tang: Full Tang
    Guards & Pommels: Aluminum Alloy
    Includes: 2 Wooden Wall Display Plaques

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